Space specifically for trans women is generally for people who experience transmisogyny, which is p much limited to ppl coercively assigned male at birth. Its also worth noting that many other not trans ppl are also not cis - there are a ton of indigenous genders, as well as the key point that cis-ness is specifically relevant to gender in western culture, and if u are nonwhite, indigenous etc, you may personally choose to reject cis-ness just bc its part of the western binary. hope that helps!
Hey, my name is toasteranon. I'm non-binary in the gender, and I feel my experience is really close to those of some of my trans women friends. I feel like I belong in lots of discussion they have. But reading your blog, I saw you consider yourself as non-cis, but non-trans as well. Do you think you can be non-binary in the gender and feel trans at the same time? I love your blog Xox!

uhm! i actually do consider myself trans - if yr referring to the portion of a reply where i was saying it would be inappropriate for me to enter a space/movement created for trans women, what i specifically meant was that i’m not a trans woman, not that i’m not trans in general.

like, i’m trans, and sometimes i’m a woman, but i’m not a trans woman. i’m afab and still have an immense amount of privilege over trans women in general. does that make sense?

i know that some nb ppl id as trans, and some don’t - i think it comes down to personal preference as to whether or not u identify w the term.

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I think you may be talking about this:…

that’s exactly it! ty

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do you know any good free ones?? I am always flirting with picking one up but there are so many to choose from omg

mm i’ve been doing some app ones, but they’re ALL straight and frankly they all are pretty sexist (regardless of yr choices/the plot or premise  yr protag is a wilting violet, always rescued and swept away by the dashing dateables~) besides being kinda cookie cutter

i mean i’m still playing them anyway bc i am Trash and i tolerate my own kind but. ehhHH

also like. it’s not. GOOD but

dmmd has excellent art and cute characters? but it’s also CHOCK FULL of #rape , even in the good ends sometimes, and the fandom is CHOCK FULL of rape apologists

i mean i still enjoyed it and i’d like to play it again sometime but it’s sth to be aware of. dmmd has a great plot and great art and voice acting and everything but …. it gets pretty gross

i’ve only played part of hatoful boyfriend but i fuckin loved it. u date pigeons. we don’t know if the pigeons are normal-sized pigeons who can talk or if they are mutant human-sized pigeons. we don’t need to know. it doesn’t matter. u are not a pigeon but u go to a school for gifted pigeons. what the fuck

there was another dating sim going around that everyone was singing the praises of??? it was like…all the dateables were based on meyers-briggs personality types? but apparently that one was queer af and i THINK u could choose for the protag to be nb/some of the dateables were nb but i can’t remember. if anyone remembers what that one is lmk


Here’s a good shot of this, since it’s been getting passed around at horrible quality.

Not my usual but so fun!! Thanks so much Ashley! #cat #tattoo #cattoo (at Black Metal Tattoo (official))

what's an otome/dating sim? :o

oh, anon. u know not what u do

but anyway! an otome/dating sim is a type of visual novel - a game that doesn’t actually have any GAMEPLAY per say but just has u click through an illustrated story and occasionally choose from some written dialogue/action choices that will affect the story

in otome, the main focus is picking from a group of characters with different tropey personalities who u can pursue a romance w. sometimes yr choices in the game determine who u end up w, sometimes u can just pick right away, but either way the end goal is to make choices that bring yr protag and the dateable character closer together. most otome have several different endings possible for each character (usually a good end, bad end, and neutral end) based on how close the two of you were by the time u reach the end of the plot

they’re very silly and easy to pick up/put down and sometimes they actually have really engaging plots and endearing characters! so they’re a fun way to pass time if u don’t actually feel like playing a GAME game but want sth a little more interactive than a show/book/comic.

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