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What’s this?

oh, it’s a quest i run, which can be found here

quests are kind of like interactive webcomics?? readers suggest what the character should do and i draw/write updates based on their suggestions

this one is a oneshot that was a lot more linear than my multi-chapter ones and it is really more about bringing the readers along for the story than them actually picking the course of action (though their decisions have definitely had a lot of impact on what ending they might get)

anyway if any of you guys wanna read it through, it’s pretty short and shouldn’t take too long (esp if you don’t read the suggestions, just the updates; ctrl+F “FRACTAL” to jump from update to update) and i would really appreciate it UuU

  1. recreationalcannibalism said: And what would you do if I linked all the WEE people to this and we all just decided to fuck with you with our suggestions? Because I am VERY tempted.
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