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so basically, as a measure of self-care (because let’s face it, it’s shitty that i should have to get off of facebook bc i feel unsafe in a space that i’ve carved for myself, as Stephen Ira aptly put it), i’m going to hide all posts that include the HRC “marriage equality” logo, and all people from my feed who have it as their profile picture. and before you get whiny about this, here are the facts:

the HRC has a history of being transphobic, and still is today. not only that but its policies are geared towards its middle-class-and-higher white funders, and essentially every minority who isn’t a white and cis lesbian, gay or bi person can go fuck themselves for all the HRC cares.

at one of the supreme court protests for marriage equality, the HRC specifically asked some protesters to take down their transgender pride flag—twice—because “marriage equality is not a transgender issue”. 

while you all have been showing your ~solidarity~ and ~caring~ for marriage equality, an Arizona house panel approved a measure that “seeks to shield businesses from civil or criminal liability if they ban people from restrooms that don’t match their birth sex.” in other words, a majority of transgender people are put at risk for not being able to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity, and are therefore at higher risk for abuse. the right to take a piss undisturbed has been stripped away from us. where was the solidarity towards transgender individuals, there?

as much as you want to claim the HRC logo represents equality, it doesn’t. that’s idealistic and naive. if i changed my profile picture to the communism symbol and claimed it was to “support the marriage of industry and agriculture,” i would face death threats. SYMBOLISM MEANS A LOT. while the HRC has adopted a symbol that in a perfect world would mean equality, the HRC itself does not support actual equality. you are actively hurting not only transgender people, but homeless lgbtq youth, sex workers, and queer people of color by supporting the HRC.

i’ve provided enough evidence on my page in the past several days. if you want more information, you can google it. now you can no longer claim ignorance. if you know all of this, do research, and -still- want to stand by the HRC and stubbornly cling to wearing this profile picture, then chances are you’re kind of an asshole and i don’t want to see you on my feed, anyway.

haters can suck it. i’m done dealing with this shit.


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    *buries face in hands and sighs*
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    now I know that HRC is poopy! Thanks for this.
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    today, a friend of mine from college in SF who is trans posted a link to the tumblr post that mentioned the whole...
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