you. cannot. identify. as. female. You can identify as a woman. You cannot identify as an organism with XX chromosomes if you are not.

u okay there friend


(i’m giggling at organism)

(i identify as a slime mold w XX chromosomes)

(WAIT! i can’t)

(i am not a slime mold)

  1. joannablackhart said: I identify as a dumptruck with XXZQ chromosomes. IM A TRUCK
  2. byebabysayonara said: God this basic ass anon
  3. helloitsimi said: Oh my gosh. Please for the love of anything which is holy. Dumbass, can I call you Dumbass? Ok Dumbass, come sit over here *pulls out basic anatomy chart and points* ok sex can be based on this *here* and *here* and *here and here and here* ok?
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