hi im sO MAD *pUNCHES WALL* Ok my girlfriend is trans and she got an ask today like "lmao you're? not a girl stop trying to be one" and now she's really fucking upset and she's crying and saying that shell never bE A REAL GIRL a nd i'm so fukcing pissed off and i love her so much and it's seriously so upsetting seeing her like this and it's not even the firs t itme this has happened and it's heartbreaking and i wish i could just kiss her and tell her everhything will be ok but i feel like

 people will never stop or leave her alone and nthis is having a huge effect on her and i’m so terrified that one day i wont be able to calm her down or make her feel better and i just love her so mu ch oyu don’ T EV en know i just want people to leave us the fuck alone and i want to stop getting messages like “lmao u ARE aware ur dating a dude, right???” because it’s so fucking infuriating

that’s really awful, i’m so sorry to hear that people are treating her that way :c

you’re already doing everything you can to be there for her and making sure that she knows she’s loved and supported - that’s really important

tbh, to me this sounds like there’s someone who is specifically targeting her and trying to upset her as much as possible. i would try changing urls to shake them for a bit or get something like statcounter and if she gets any asks like that again, check the IPs that went to her ask page around the same time and plug them into an IP blocker - basically just try anything you can to prevent the abuser from contacting her

and if she needs to turn anon off for a while to feel safe, i would encourage that, too

and in the meantime, just keep doing what yr doing. i’m sure it’s incredibly important to her that yr always there encouraging her and comforting her and yr doing a really good job of that

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